4 Amazing Lessons From Breaking Up

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - Breaking up is not fun. Experiencing it, decreases appetite, sleeps not soundly and is lethargic continuously. Even worse, in some instances of breaking up resulting in someone becoming crazy and desperate to kill his own life. Naudzubillah.

What we think is good, is not necessarily good in reality. Yes, as well as relationship problems with someone. Looks good but it is far from expected. Handsome face but it turns out to be indifferent to the family. Smart brain but far from religion. Ah, it turns out that breaking up also holds a tremendous wisdom for our lives.

Break it up, save us from a bad partner

It's painful, but it's more painful if you live forever with a partner who has a bad character. For example cheating artisans, or those who are light-handed aka easy to commit violence. Ouch, it's better to break up than live continuously tormented.

Break it up, a special time to start bouncing away

Sometimes, humans must be faced with something bitter to realize something. For example, it turns out that so far we are not ready to foster a household, which is the goal of the relationship itself. Men have not been able to provide support, the women are not ready to fix or are still prioritizing their own egos.

Yes, indeed there is someone who can prepare it while still having a relationship, but there are many dramas that are intermittent or wars that must be passed. So instead of adding to the burden, breaking up can be a solution that must be grateful for. Who knows when the right time, we meet again complete with more controlled readiness.

Break it up, avoid yourself from sin

Don't approach adultery. Those words seemed to have been said by many people. Teacher, Ustadz, Parents and even our own little heart. Adultery is not only limited to intimate relationships but can occur in the heart, in the eyes, in the ears and so on. In addition, the prohibition is not to commit adultery but to approach adultery. In other words, any behavior that approves zina acts is unlawful.

Break it up, open our eyes

I admit, who after breaking up realized that love is not only obtained from a partner? During this time we may forget, there is an essential affection from God that we only accept but is never grateful for. We forget that there are families who are ready to warm their hearts whenever we need to. We forget that there is another laughter that is able to make a heart full of hurt. Come on, happy is not only there when you are alone. Happy is when we want to open our eyes and accept.

The things above are some wisdom from breaking up. In addition, God feels jealous when his servant hopes for others.

"When your heart is too hopeful for someone, then Allah will bring upon you a painful hope, so that you will know that God is very jealous of the heart that hopes other than Him. Then Allah prevents you from the matter so that you return to hope in Him. "(Imam Shafi'i)
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