Bringing The Soul Of The Dead, Is It Possible ?

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - Some Muslims believe that there are (shamans) who can summon and bring the souls of people who have died. We take refuge in Allah Ta'ala from this vanity belief, because it clearly contradicts the verse of the Qur'an.

Allah Ta'ala said,

الله يتوفى الأنفس حين موتها والتي لم تمت في منامها فيمسك التي قضى عليها الموت ويرسل الأخرى إلى أجل مسمى إن في ذلك لآيات لقوم يتفكرون

"God holds the soul (person) when it dies and (holds) the soul (person) who has not died in his sleep. So He holds back the soul (person) whom He has set death and He releases the other soul until the appointed time. Surely in that there are signs of the power of God for those who think. "(Surat Az-Zumar [39]: 42)

So the spirit that Allah Ta'ala has determined his death, will Allah endure in his life in the grave (natural barzakh) until the coming of the Day of Judgment.

Allah Ta'ala said to tell about the wishful thinking of infidels to be able to return to the world to improve the good deeds they had once left during their lives in the world,

حتى إذا جاء أحدهم الموت قال رب ارجعون; لعلي أعمل صالحا فيما تركت كلا إنها كلمة هو قائلها ومن ورائهم برزخ إلى يوم يبعثون

"(Such is the condition of those who disbelieve), until when death comes to someone of them, he says," My Lord, return me (to the world). "So that I will do good deeds against what I have left behind. Not once. In fact it is just the words he says. And before them there is a wall until the day they are resurrected. "(Surah Al-Mu'minuun [23]: 99-100)

Based on the two verses above, the spirit of the person who has died remains in the grave, until the Day of Judgment comes. Then how could there be a dukun who claimed to be able to bring these spirits, even though they were held by Allah Ta'ala in the barzakh realm?

We also know for certain in the Islamic religion that believers will get pleasure when in the grave. On the contrary, fajir people and infidels will be punished in the grave. As this has been shown a lot by various Shariah arguments.

If the claims of the dukun can be accepted, then the consequence is that there are among the residents of the tomb who do not get adzab or favor the grave. And this is not possible in syar'i. Because Allah Ta'ala has made adzab or the favor of the grave in return for what they used to do while still living in the world.

In addition, the tomb is under the law and power of Allah Ta'ala, not under the authority of any of His creatures. So that anything that is not able to be done to humans who are still living in the world, also will not be able to be done on humans who have died.

As for the actions of a shaman who claims to be able to summon the soul of a dead person is just a trick to take human property in a vanity and damage the faith of the Muslims. As for if it was as if they were able to do it, it was only the result of cooperation with Jinn qarin [1]. Because jin qarin is a genie that always accompanies someone's life while still living in the world, so the jinn qarin knows in detail the condition of the deceased person. So that jin qarin comes and informs the condition of the deceased person. People also thought that it was the soul of a deceased person.
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