Discipline In Congregation, Evidence Of Sincerity I'dad & Jihad

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - At the age of only a new age, the Jamaat Ansharut Tauhid began to gain sympathy from the Muslims. Despite getting unrelenting pressure and obstacles, slowly the Jamaat dakwah wal jihad began to exist. However, it cannot be denied that there are still some Muslims who are interested in being committed (iltizam) to this Jamaah who do not fully understand the system and concept of the Jamaah. They still consider the Jamaah system that is practiced in the Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid to be no different from the general social organizations. So that it is not uncommon for them to make activities and activities within the Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid only as part-time activities, free time fillers or just as mere gathering activities.

Even if we understand it carefully, the Jamaah system is very different from the organizational system. Joining in a Jamaah means carrying out the Shari'ah in congregation, which means also preparing for jihad fi sabilillah for the sake of the establishment of the Shari'ah of Allah on this earth. And it cannot be considered as a part-time activity or a free time, but must be addressed as a way of life and top priority in our movements and steps, second by second, day after day, until death picks us up.

Shaykh Abdul Qadir bin Abdul Aziz explained:

'Baghdad in the context of Jihad begins with the formation of the Jamaah as said by Saw:

"And I command you with five things that Allah has commanded me: with congregation, hearing and obeying, migrating and jihad fi sabilillah". (HR Ahmad, Tirmidzi and Ibnu Hibban in his Sahih)

The obligation of Jihad begins with doing 'Baghdad. That is' Baghdad, which Allah has made as a differentiator between true believers and munafiq people. (Translation of Al Umdah fi I’dadil Uddah: Syam Publishing Prints I Rajab 1430 p. 16)

Because forming a Jamaah is one part of 'Baghdad required for every Muslim, then all activities that have been determined by the Jamaah, should be addressed by each individual member as' Baghdad to realize their intentions towards jihad fi sabilillah. Thus, discipline, obedience to amir and not underestimating every Jama'at activity is a necessity that cannot be negotiated anymore. For those who look trivial, it means that he has adhered to God while those who truly mean have obeyed God and tried to perfect their faith.


In fact, not a few of the Muslims who have committed and worshiped in the Jamaah dak wal Jihad actually underestimate various activities and activities that have been mutually agreed upon and ordered by Amir only because of fabricated reasons or needs that could have been postponed or carried out in another time. Or feel that the activity is not too important because it is not directly related to Jihad or I’dad physically. They did not ask permission at all or notify their absence in these activities. Even though the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad have arranged various adab in daily life including adab in amal jama'i.

Allah SWT said:

"Indeed, the true believers are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and when they are with the Messenger of Allah in a matter that requires a meeting (the presence of all Muslims without exception), they do not leave (Rasulullah) before asking permission for him. Those who ask your permission (Muhammad) are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, so if they ask you permission for some reason, give permission to whom you want between them, and ask forgiveness for they are to God. Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful. "(QS An Nuur 62)

In the above verse it is clear that Allah ordered the believers to ask permission from the Prophet Muhammad when they could not come or udzur could not fulfill the obligation to attend a meeting with the Prophet.

The meeting referred to here is not just a matter of jihad but all affairs that require the presence of Muslims without exception. In his commentary, Ibn Kathir and Imam Ath Tabari explained the meaning of "a matter that requires a meeting" not only warfare, meetings or deliberations but also included Friday prayers, Eid prayer, even five-time congregational prayers !!! (see Tafsir Ibn Kathir juz 6 p. 88, Tafsir Ath Thobari juz 19 p. 228)

How important the permission of the Prophet and the leaders after his death Saw that Allah made this as one of the conditions of perfection of one's faith. And if you can't come in congregation to pray five times only, a Muslim must get permission first, especially in the affairs of the Jamaah which is part of I’daknow that whatever sincerity he does in jihad, little or a lot is good deed that gets merit, God willing. Either he gets maximum help and wins or doesn't get it. Allah SWT Berfirman (which means):

"This is because they have not been overcome by thirst, exhaustion and hunger in the way of God, nor have they stepped on a place that has aroused the anger of unbelievers, and have not caused a disaster to the enemy, but written for them in that way a good deed. Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good. And they do not spend a small and large (not great) livelihood and do not cross a valley, but are written for them (good deeds too) Because Allah will reward them who are better than what they have done ". (Surat at Tawbah 120 - 121)

Therefore we worship Allah with 'Baghdad and the perfect Tadrib as we worship Allah with Jihad, prayer and fasting ... "(Translation of Al Umdah fi I’dadil Uddah: Syam Publishing Prints I Rajab 1430 pp. 29-30)
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