Four Magic Prayers

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - Imam Asy-Sya'bi, a tabiin who studied more than 500 friends once told of unique events.

Among his unique stories, in an assembly attended by scholars including, Ibn Umar, the son of caliph Umar bin Khattab. Abdullah and Mushab, the sons and daughters of Zubair ibn Awwam. Also present was Abdul Malik bin Marwan bin Hakam, one of the four best scholars of the city of Medina.

At that time Imam Ash-Sya'bi was talking to several friends and tabiin at the door of the Ka'bah. Suddenly an idea appeared. "Before we go home to each place, it's good if one by one stand in the Pillars of Yamani Ka'bah to pray to Allah Ta'ala"

"May Allah Ta'ala grant our request, because it is a must-have place?" Said one of the attendees, welcomed by the audience.

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"Come on, stand up, Abdullah bin Zubair, you are the first child born after the Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina," said Ibn Umar.

Abdullah bin Zubair then approached the Pillar of Yamani and prayed;
اللهم إنك عظيم, ترجى لكل عظيم, أسألك بحرمة وجهك, وحرمة عرشك, وحرمة نبيك صلى الله عليه وسلم, ألا تميتني من الدنيا حتى توليني الحجاز, ويسلم علي بالخلافة

"Dear Allah. The great thing. Place requests for all major things. I pray for the sanctity of Your face and the sanctity of Your arsy, and the sanctity of Your Apostle;

Do not take my life except after I became ruler of the Hijaz region and I was called the title of caliph. "

Those present said amen.

After that Mushab bin Zubair was welcome to advance to convey his hopes and prayers.
اللهم إنك رب كل شيء, وإليك مصير كل شيء, أسألك بقدرتك على كل شيء, ألا تميتني من الدنيا حتى توليني العراق, وتزوجني سكينة بنت الحسين "

O Allah, the god of all creatures, to You are all creatures again. I plead with you because you have authority over all beings.

Do not revoke my life except after I became ruler of Iraq and married Sukainah bint Husayn ibn Ali. "

The friends say amen.

Next it was Abdul Malik bin Marwan's turn to pray.
اللهم رب السماوات السبع, ورب الأرضين ذات النبت بعد القفر, أسألك بما سألك عبادك المطيعون لأمرك, وأسألك بحرمة وجهك, وأسألك بحقك على جميع خلقك, وبحق الطائفين حول بيتك, ألا تميتني من الدنيا حتى توليني شرق الدنيا وغربها, ولا ينازعني أحد إلا أتيت برأسه

"O God, Rabb has seven layers of heaven. Green Rabb after barren. I plead with you for everything that your righteous servants ask.

And I plead for the sanctity of your face, for your rights over all beings, over the faith of the Muslims in your ka'bah. Do not take my life except after I became the ruler of the eastern to western hemisphere. And no one is against me unless he will be defeated. "

This prayer is guaranteed by his friends.

Finally, Abdullah bin Umar is welcome to go forward and pray. This well-known friend of zuhud asks Allah;
"اللهم إنك رحمن رحيم, أسألك برحمتك التي سبقت غضبك, وأسألك بقدرتك على جميع خلقك, ألا تميتني من الدنيا حتى توجب لي الجنة

"O God, the One who is merciful and merciful. I pray because Your mercy precedes Your wrath. And over Your power over all Your creatures.

Do not take my life except after I am worthy of entering Your Hannah. "

Then the leaders returned to their homes. Days change days, years change.

Until finally Imam Ash-Syabi realized how miraculous the prayers of friends and children of friends he had witnessed first. One by one, their hopes come true.

In 64 the Caliph Yazid bin Muawiyah died, Abdullah bin Zubair then declared himself a caliph in the city of Mecca.

The appeal was welcomed by Muslims in various regions. Starting from the Hijaz, Iraq, Khurasan to the majority of the Sham region pledged to him. He became caliph until the year 73 H.

While Mushab bin Zubair was appointed as governor who oversaw the area of ​​Medina to Kufa.

The prayer of Abdul Malik bin Marwan to become the ruler of choosing match turned out to be a reality. He was appointed as caliph when the Umayyad Dynasty was on the verge of collapse. Right after the death of the caliph Yazid bin Muawiyah.

Only the city of Damascus is left and a small part of Jordan is still subject. Another region broke away and declared war against the Umayyads.

Many suspect that the Umayyads will collapse. But miraculously, Abdul Malik reversed that prediction. He is able to overcome all rebellions.

For that success, my historiansrefer to it as muassis ats-tsani or founder of the second umawi dynasty.

Abdullah bin Umar kept away from politics. He spends his time worshiping and preaching.

When there was a political crisis he chose to avoid Mecca until he died in 73 H. His funeral day became a Muslim day of mourning. They lost a character who was unmatched.

Well, from this story we can conclude a variety of lessons and lessons. Among others;
- The enormity of the believers' prayer. Because prayer is a weapon. And prayer is one means to realize hopes and ideals.

- Friends with righteous people. They not only affect your character and nature. Living with them will bring life blessings.

- Don't be shy about showing your ideals and hopes. A good friend will guarantee and give way. Not make fun and laugh at. This is indeed trivial, but we rarely find it. We more often find people who laugh at their friends. Even tends to make it down.

- Hang ideals as high as sky. Allah Ta'ala likes great things, not trivial things that have no value. Ideals are a reflection of personality. An inlander mentality does not have high dreams. In fact, this is what the enemies of Islam want.

- Muslims will not rule the world again if they have not dared to have the dream of becoming masters of the invaders. Because this is the mentality of the winners. Wallahu Ta'ala ‘Alam
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