Get To Know Communism And Its Danger

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - Communism is a school of thought, based on atheism, which is not believing in God. This stream makes matter as the principle of everything, so it is often referred to as materialism.

They interpret history based on class battles and economic factors. This stream was born in Germany under the care of Marx and Indirest, then it was later called Marxism. Then incarnated in the form of a revolution in Russia in 1917 AD, the founding of the Soviet Union, with planning from the Jewish movement. Then it developed expansion with an iron fist and violence. Communism always uses violence even though sometimes it uses democracy, but only for means if it does not have power

Many Muslims around the world are hurt by this ideology, because they clearly oppose God. And many of the nations lost from the circulation of history because of the flow of this movement, especially in communist countries, such as the Soviets, also China and some other countries in Africa.

If we are deeper, who are their characters? Theoretically, communism is the basic founder of Karl Marx. He is a German Jew. Life in 1818 - 1883 AD He was a famous Jewish grandson named Murkoy Marx. Karl Marx is a selfish person, has no clear, vindictive and materialistic principles. Famous works include the Communist Manifesto in 1848, Das Kapital 1767.

In making his theory Karl Marx was assisted by Frederick Angel. He lived 1820-1895. He who helped spread the teachings of communism and he also paid for the life of Karl Marx and his family until the end of his life. From this close friend (Angel), works written include, the Origin of the Family, Special People and the Country, Dualism in Nature, Khurafat Socialism, and Scientific Socialism.

There is another character, Lenin. He who carried out the bloody revolution in Russia in 1917 AD A very feared dictator. This figure is cruel, dictator in forcing his opinion and revenge against humanity. He was born in 1870 AD and died in 1924 AD There are several sources who say that Lenin was of Jewish origin, which was later replaced by a Russian name. He was a Jew who was later replaced by a Russian name. He is almost similar to Trotski. And it was Lenin who described communism in real practice. He has many speech books and brochures, but among the very important essays is what is known as the Rampai.

Another figure of the communist movement was Joseph Stalin, 1879 - 1954. Secretary of the communist party and supreme leader after Lenin. He is famous for ruthless, cruel, sadistic, dictatorial, and stubborn. In getting rid of opponents carried out by means of massacre, murder, and exile. In communism, what was once a friend could be a victim that is normal. From behavior and attitude proves that he is ready to sacrifice the entire people for his own sake. Once he was warned by his own wife, but his wife was killed.

Another well-known figure is Trotski. Born 1879. He was killed in 1940 AD. The murder was committed by Stalin. He is also a Jew and has an important position in the party. Then he was fired from the party because he was accused of doing things that were against party interests. The party for communism is God, meaning something that must be obeyed. That happened when Stalin came to power, because he wanted to get the right atmosphere to govern his government.

Important doctrines so that we know communists we must know. Because this communist movement is not always open, many are veiled. Especially when he still has little or weak strength. So getting to know communism is not only seen from the end, but also the way of thinking. Even though someone does not claim that he is not communist but if his thoughts, his behavior are communist, he is a communist. For example, the important doctrine is, they deny the form of God and everything that is unseen, because of that materialism. That matter is the principle of everything.

Their faith (if you want to be called faith) there are three; believe in Marx, Lenin and Stalin, and mengkufuri three; mengkufuri Allah, Religion and deny private property. Another doctrine, interpreted the history of mankind with the struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the rich and the proletariat is the ordinary people. The fight according to them ended with the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The religion was attacked because it was considered as a poison of the people and was considered a capitalist pig. So in Indonesia they made provocations that the Hajj were the bourgeoisie. Because generally they are rich people. So, the religion is considered to be a capitalist pig. Imperialism and exploitation, or pad-oriented movementsa exploitation because it considers religion to be used as a tool to enchant people, whose profits are then taken by the religious elite.

If we pay attention, actually the anti-Islamic movements or the anti-monotheist movement are always Jewish, why? Because the number of Jews is never increased or very little increase. Because Jews are one group that feels the highest race and he is always exclusive. Being Jewish is a religion and a nation. Until now the number of Jews is + 15 million. Because there are small numbers and they want to survive continuously, they do covert movements in various models. So Jews are an oppressed nation and need their religion to get their rights captured by others. Even though they were oppressed throughout history and they were diaspora because of their own behavior.

By Sheikh Al Maroghi in one book the Jewish nation was a nation that had 75 evil and superlative characteristics. The nation that killed the prophet the most, consuming the most usury, most tampering with revelations / scriptures. The only holy book that cannot be finalized is the Koran. Therefore the mortal enemies of the Jews are Muslims, because Jewish behavior, character and history cannot be falsified, cannot be changed.

Whereas in the Gospels, the Jewish behavior was ransacked by the Jews themselves, so that the people of Nashara were unable to resist the Jews even though they did not like the Jews. When they diaspora the entire world and he is a tribe that will survive until the Day of Judgment, it is proof that Allah SWT shows evidence to mankind about the behavior of the Jews with all their characters. If we look at it sociologically, there are many lost nations or tribes in this world. Both lost because they could not survive or integrate with other groups into new tribes. But not for Jews.

Another doctrine of communism is in a moral context. It is said that moral is relative, moral is a result of the means of production. Another doctrine, the rule of the people with an iron hand and violence. There is no chance for them to activate their thinking power. The state is the party and the party is the state, the first central political leader in the Volsfik revolution consists of 4 people. All Jews except one. This shows the extent of the attachment between communism and Judaism. They say that the Koran was compiled during the reign of Uthman RA and later underwent several changes until the 8th century. He stated that Al Quran is a weapon to spread opium to the people.

In connection with Jews, communism did not hide the steps and activities carried out with the Jews in achieving their goals. A week after the revolution, since then a decision was issued which had two sides of interests, to meet the needs and rights of the Jews. First they say fighting Jews is considered the same as fighting the highest class nation and must be punished by law, Second, recognition of the rights of Jews to establish their country in Palestine.

Marx said that he was related to the Zionist philosopher, the founder of the theory of Zionism, Mosehis. The areas which developed the communist movement included Soviet, Chinese, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania and Cuba. What is still strong today is Cuba, while in Soviet Union where 70 years of communism have fallen out.

The question now is whether communism is now dead? As an ideology it certainly will not die. Because of its Jewish roots, it is directly proportional to the development of other ideologies that are enemies or rivals. If the enemy ideology (Islam) is weakened, then communism will strengthen. Conversely, if Islam is widespread, then automatically Communism will weaken.

Case 1

In one of the books that tells the thoughts of Karl Marx, there was described that communism was actually a combination of the thinking of Karl Marx and Leninism. Then in its development split and the theory of Karl Marx, there was a moderate, radical and even anarchy. All culminating in the revolution must be created or also the revolution will be created by itself, occur naturally. How exactly the character of thinking of Karl Marx so that we can identify someone is his followers. What is the connection between socialism and communism.


Communism has many schools, because it is also an ideology that has no textual source. Islam alone is clearly a textual source, namely the Koran and the Sunnah are religious schools. But in Islam scientifically understood, the methodologycan be accounted for. Whereas the communist school of thought is more due to the character of the thinker. So related to the character and historical situation that accompanies it, and also the social environment. So it was different between communism in Soviet, Cuba or China. Even though the original source is the same. However, what is certain is that the ideological model and the model of their movements are their spirit of materialism.

From a religious perspective that distinguishes communism from capitalism is the historical root of birth. Capitalism originated in Europe, which still has a sense of religion. Whereas the materialism of communism has not existed at all.

Socialism also varies. There is extreme socialism, close to communism. There is socialism which is merely an ideal of the form of society that develops in several European countries, such as welfare states. It is rational socialism, which has the orientation of the wider community to get welfare but not to override personal rights.

In its history socialism and communism have never been practiced. Because only as a political foundation. Because a thought / ideology that is not compatible with human nature will be destroyed by itself from within, although it may be believed in a time by a group of people and can be practiced by force politically, but can never be practiced in real terms.

Case 2

When viewed the current conditions, the forms of communism in real terms will not be accepted by the community, especially Muslims, because of historical conditions that have proven. There is another form of communism, namely democratic socialism. Where they use democratic amitarism in an effort to plant communism in another form. Among them is forming a party. Because then the value system of communism that they use will be more in line with the climate of democracy that they want to form in Indonesia. What is the view of the Islamic community, especially those in the executive or circles who have the ability to provide policies in the government in seeing it all


Communism in Indonesia is actually because Islam was rejected, but it was de facto a great power. The entry of communism in Indonesia was at the beginning of the 20th century. There is even a character who is a cleric. A person who mastered Islam but became a communist, they still prayed because of its connection with resistance to colonialism. But the matter of how to liberate this country is by communist means, perhaps because it doesn't understand how Islam can be done.

The first history of communism carried out a rebellion in 1926, then crushed by the Dutch. 22 years later he reappeared. In 1955, in the election he became one of the four election winner parties. So how fertile communism is in Indonesia is due to sociological and economic factors. Then in 1965 they made a rebellion and finally disbanded with the 1965 MPRS Tap. People thought that communism had been destroyed would not live again, but the latest facts, the symptom of the rise of communism was clearly visible. Both in the form of writing (books) about communism which is now starting to sell well among students. Or also, there are strong indications of many observations that one of the manifestations of the emergence of communists is an organization known as the PRD. The PRD was legally a legitimate party because it had been registered as an election participant with the principle of Pancasila. But many indications or models say that the PRD is part of the communist movement. For example the use of slogans and words or models of movement are much the same as PKI.

The attitude of Muslims in this case varies. There are those who reject some who believe. Judging from the annual session, where there was one faction who wanted to revoke TAP MPRS No. 25 of 1966. There are open movements and closed movements. This is because, first, their strength is limited. Second, because the rotten ideology is usually conveyed to the public not as a whole, it's like a rotten egg wrapped in gold paper. Muslims are sometimes less intelligent in packaging that Islam is good. Greetings.
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