Hard Warning, Danger Of Nifaq And Hypocrites In The Quran !

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - The danger of the nifak and the nature of the hypocrites listed in the Koran. Ta'ala Allah reminds us of the dangers of the nifak and the nature of the hypocrites in the Koran. Describes about nifak and hypocrites in seventeen madaniyah letters. Sum up approximately three hundred and forty verses, so Ibn Qoyim said: "Almost all the contents of the Koran speak of the nifak and the hypocrites". (Ibn Qoyim, Madarijus Salikin, cet III, volume 1, p. 364)

At least there are several warnings of Allah Ta'ala in the Qur'an as follows:

First, Allah Ta'ala explained that the nature of the hypocrites is not the same as the believers, as He said, "The hypocrites of men and women, some of the others are the same, they make the evil and forbid do what is wrong and they hold their hands. They have forgotten to God, so God forgets them. Lo! The hypocrites are the ones who are wicked. "(Surat at-Tawbah: 67)

Ibn Kathir said, "The verse above is a denial of Allah Ta'ala against hypocrites who sneak in the nature of believers, where the character of believers always calls upon evil deeds and prevents them from mischief.

Whereas the munafiq people always tell the things that are impossible and prevent them from committing deeds. They have come out of the path of al-hak and entered into a perverse path. "(Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Al-Qur'anuI Adzim, cet II, vol. 4, p. 172)

Secondly, the Word of Allah Ta'ala which explains some of the hypocrites, namely: "And if they meet believers they say:" We have faith 'And if they return to shaitan. their shaitan, they say "Indeed we are like you, we are only mocking". (Surah AI-Baqoroh: 14)

Allah Ta'ala explains in the verse above, that when the hypocrites meet with believers, they say: "we have faith", they reveal faith and guardianship to believers in order to cover up their lies. If they meet with a hypocritical leader and authority, they say, "We are together in your ranks, we are only with Muhammad's best friends joking.

Third, Allah Ta'ala said: "They are in a state of doubt between such (faith and infidel); not enter this group (believers) and not (also) to that group (unbelievers). Whoever is led astray by God, then you will not find a way (to give guidance) for him. (Surah An-Nisa: 146)

Al-Hafidz Ibn Kathir said, "Hypocrites are people who are confused in faith and kufr, they are not together in the ranks of believers dhhirh and mind, and do not enter in the ranks of the unbelievers dhhirh and mind.

But they were with the believers and their minds together with the unbelievers, some of them were in doubt, sometimes leaning on believers and sometimes leaning on the infidels. (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Al-Qur'anuI Adzim, cet II, vol. 2, p. 437).

Fourth, Allah Ta'ala said, "And so that Allah will know those who are hypocrites. They said: "Let us fight in the way of God or defend (yourself)." They said, "If we know that there will be a war, we will follow you." They were closer to disbelief that day than faith. They say with their mouth what is not contained in their hearts. And God knows better what they hide ". (Surah Ali Imron: 167).

Ibn Kathir said, "The verse above explains that sometimes a person is in disbelief and sometimes in a state of faith. (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Al-Qur'anuI Adzim, cet II, volume 2, p. 160)

Thus, a glimpse of the warning of Allah Ta'ala in the Koran regarding the dangers of the nifak and the widespread nature of the hypocrites in this ere. Hopefully it will be useful and add to our insight into the affairs of this din. Amen. Wallahu Ta'ala ‘Alam
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