ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - Abdurrahman bin Auf belonged to a group of eight people who first converted to Islam. He was also classified as ten best friends who were given good news by the Prophet to enter heaven and included six friends who consulted in the election of the Caliph after Umar bin Al-Khathab. In addition, he was a mufti who was trusted by the Messenger of Allah to take part in Medina while he was still alive.

In the time of Jahiliyah, he was known as Abd Amr. After entering Islam, the Messenger of Allah called him Abdurrahman bin Auf. He embraced Islam before the Messenger of Allah made Al-Arqam's house the center of da'wah. He received guidance from Allah two days after Abu Bakr Al-Shiddiq embraced Islam.

Like other Muslims who first converted to Islam, Abdurrahman bin Auf was not immune from torture and pressure from the Quraish infidels. But he remained patient and steadfast. Abdurrahman also moved to Habasyah with fellow believers to save themselves and religion from the pressure of Quraiys.

When the Prophet Muhammad and his companions were permitted by Allah to migrate to Medina, Abdurrahman became a pioneer of the Muslims. In this city that was formerly called Yatsrib, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be on him) communicated the Muhajirites and Ansar. Abdurrahman bin Auf was inaugurated with Sa'ad bin Rabi Al-Ansari. Sa'ad, including the rich among the residents of Medina, intended to help his brother with all his heart, but Abdurrahman refused. He just said, "Show me where the market is in this city!"

Sa'ad then showed him where the market was. So Abdurrahman began trading there. Not long ago he ran his business, he managed to collect enough money for marriage dowry. He also went to the Messenger of Allah and said, "I want to get married, Rasulullah," he said.

"What is the dowry that you will give to your wife?" Asked Rasul SAW.

"Gold as heavy as date seeds," he replied.

The Prophet said, "Carry out walimah (festivity), even if only by slaughtering a goat. May God bless your marriage and your treasure. "

Since then Abdurrahman's life prospered. If he had gotten a stone, then beneath it was gold and silver. So much blessing God gave him until he was nicknamed 'Gold-Handed Friend'.

When the Badr War erupted, Abdurrahman bin Auf joined jihad fi sabilillah. In the war he succeeded in killing Allah's enemies, including Umar bin Uthman bin Ka'ab At-Taimy. Likewise in the Battle of Uhud, he remained at the side of the Prophet when many Muslim soldiers left the battlefield.

Abdurrahman bin Auf is the best known and most generous friend. He did not hesitate to spend his wealth for jihad in the way of Allah. During the Tabuk War, the Prophet ordered the Muslims to sacrifice their property. Obediently Abdurrahman bin Auf fulfilled the Prophet's call. He pioneered by giving away two hundred uqiyah of gold.

Knowing this, Umar bin Al-Khathab whispered to the Messenger of Allah, "It seems that Abdurrahman was sinful because he did not leave any spending for his family."

The Prophet asked Abdurrahman, "Are you leaving money for your wife?"

"Yes," he replied. "They leave more and better than I donate."

"How much?" Asked the Messenger of Allah.

"As much as sustenance, kindness, and reward promised by Allah."

Muslim troops left for Tabuk. It was on this occasion that God glorified Abdurrahman with a glory that no one had ever received. When the prayer time arrives, the Prophet comes late. So Abdurrahman bin Auf who became the imam of the prayer in congregation. After almost completing the first rakaat, the Messenger of Allah arrived, then prayed behind him and followed as makmum. Indeed there is nothing more noble and primary than being a priest for the leaders of the people and leaders of the prophets, namely Muhammad SAW.

After the Prophet died, Abdurrahman bin Auf was in charge of maintaining the welfare and safety of Ummahatul Mumineen (the wives of the Prophet). He is responsible for fulfilling all their needs and holding escorts for those noble mothers if they travel.

One time Abdurrahman bin Auf bought a piece of land and distributed it to the Children of Zuhrah, and to Ummahatul Mukminin. When Ayesha's ration was delivered to her, she asked, "Who gave the land to me?"

"Abdurrahman bin Auf," said the officer.

Ayesha said, "The Messenger of Allah once said, orang There is no one who pity you after me except those who are patient."

Thus, the Prophet's prayer to Abdurrahman bin Auf was granted. Allah always bestows His blessings, so that he becomes the richest person among friends. His business continues to grow and develop. The more benefits he gets, the greater his generosity. Its value is spent in the way of Allah, both secretly and openly. Although including the largest conglomerate of its time, but that does not affect his soul filled with faith and piety.

Blessed Abdurrahman bin Auf with the abundance of gifts and happiness God gave him. When he died, his body was accompanied by noble friends like Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqash and others. In his remarks, Caliph Ali bin Abi Talib said, "You have gotten the love of Allah, and you have succeeded in subjugating the falsehood of the world. May God always bless you. "Amen.
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