Maryam, The Woman Whose Name Is Stated In The Koran

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - LETTER Ali Imran including a long letter (there are 200 verses). Ali Imran is the name of a man whose family was chosen by God as a blessed family (ie the Ali Imran family). The name Ali Imran is enshrined in the Quran as one of the letter names.

Indeed, Allah has chosen Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham and the family ‘Imran over all people (in their respective times), (3:33)

It turned out that God's intention to choose Ali Imran's family was because this married couple was born one of the noble women in history, Maryam (or Mary in the Bible). Maryam is Ali Imran's daughter.

When Maryam was still in the womb, Imran's wife vowed to "surrender" his child to Allah as a Preserver so that later he would become a pious servant who always served in Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem). This is written in the 35th verse whose translation reads:

(Remember), when the wife ‘Imran said:" O my Lord, verily I warn you that the child in my birth is a devout and devout servant (in Baitul Maqdis). Therefore accept the vows from me. Lo! Thou art the Hearer, the Knower. " (3:35)

When he learned that the child he was born was a woman, Imran's wife named her child Maryam, and Imran's wife asked Allah that his child be cared for by God and protect him from shaytan.

So when the wife ‘Imran gave birth to her child, she said:" My Lord, I actually gave birth to a daughter; and God knows better what he is born with; and boys are not like girls. Indeed, I have named him Maryam, and I ask for protection for her and her descendants from (your) care of the accursed damnation. "(3:36)

God accepted the vows of Imran's wife and ordered Zakaria to be the caregiver and caregiver of Maryam. According to the commentators of the Prophet Zakaria it was uncle Maryam. It means that yes, Imran's extended family is a blessed family because his descendants became pious people (Imran, Maryam, Isa the son of Mary, Prophet Zakaria uncle Mary, and Yahya son of Zakaria).

So the Lord accepted it (as a vow) with good acceptance, and educated it with good education and God made Zakariya its keeper. (3:37)

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Maryam grew up to be a woman who worked every day just worshiping Allah in His House in Baitul Maqdis. Zakaria is the "Kuncen" of the House of God. This is where God revealed His Grace to Mary. Every time Zakaria met Mary in Mihrab, she found a variety of delicious food beside Mary. Where did the food come from? As far as he knew Maryam never brought food to His House, Zakarilah who always delivered food to Maryam. Mary replied that the food came directly from God, might be descended from heaven or through the intermediary of His angel.

Continued verse 37 above:

Every time Zakariya came in to meet Mary in mihrab, she found food by her side. Zakariya said: "O Mary, where did you get (food)?" Mary replied: "The food is from Allah's side". Verily Allah gives provision to whom He wills without reckoning. (3:37)

In Surat Ali Imran it is also told that the Prophet Zakaria was old but not yet blessed with children. Perhaps inspired by his nephew, Maryam, who became an expert in worship, Zakaria also requested that he be given offspring.

It was there that Zakariya prayed to his Lord while saying: "O my Lord, give me from the side of you a good child. Surely you are the Hearer of prayer '. (3:38)

When Zakaria is praying in mihrab, call the angel Gabriel to him:

Then the Angel (Gabriel) calls Zakariya, while he is standing praying in the mihrab (he said): "Verily Allah gladens you with the birth (of your son), who justifies the sentence (that comes) from Allah, becomes obedient, restrains (from lust) and a Prophet including the descendants of godly people ". (3:39)

The shocked Zakaria received a revelation from the angel Gabriel, wondering how he would get a child as if he were a barren. Allah answers (through the angel Gabriel) that it is easy for Him, whatever He wants will happen (kun fayakun).

Zakariya said: "My God, how can I get a child while I am very old and my wife is barren?" Allah said: "Thus, God does what is He wants. " (3:40)

Zakaria is still unsure if he will have children, so he asks for a sign that his wife will be pregnant. Allah says that the signs of his wife being pregnant are that Zakaria will not be able to speak for three days, except using sign language.

Zakariya said: "Give me a sign (that my wife is pregnant)". Allah said: "The sign for you, you cannot speak to humans for three days, except by gesture. And call (the name) of your Lord as much as possible and worship in the evening and in the morning ". (3:41)

Later the child born of the womb was given the name Yahya and became the 23rd Prophet after Zakaria. From here we also know that Prophet Yahya during his lifetime with Maryam.

Return to the story of Maryam earlier. Allah has chosen Mary as a woman who is exaggerated from other women in the world.

And (remember) when the Angel (Gabriel) said: "O Mary, verily Allah has chosen you, purified you and exaggerated you over all the women of the world (who were with you). (3:42)

As a form of obedience, Allah commands Mary to always worship Allah, always bow down and bow to God with other people who worship God.

Hi Maryam, ta'at to your Lord, bow down and bow down with the people who bow '. (3:43)

Until one day God will give an unexpected miracle to Mary. Allah reported that Mary would conceive a son whose name had been determined by God, namely Isa Al Masih (or Al Masih isa son of Mary).

(Remember), when the Angel said: "O Mary, surely Allah pleased you (with the birth of a son who was created) with the sentence (which came) than Him, whose name is Christ" Isa the son of Mary, a prominent person in the world and in the Hereafter and including those who are brought near (to Allah), (3:45)

When he was a baby, Isa later had miracles which were able to speak with humans:

and he spoke with humans in the cradle and when he was an adult and he was among the righteous. "(3:46)

Maryam of course was shocked, how could she conceive, even though she wasn't married, and she had never been touched or connected with any man. Of course, because Maryam works every day only to worship Allah in Baitul Maqdis. He rarely left his house, let alone hang out with men. Allah answers as in the case of the Prophet Zakaria above, that it is easy for him, kun fayakun, then whatever He wants will surely happen. He is the Almighty Creator.

Maryam said: "My Lord, how can I have a child, even though I have never been touched by a man." Allah said (by means of Gabriel): "Thus Allah created what He wanted. If God wants to set something, then God just simply says to him: "Be", then be him. (3:47)
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