Mr. Priest, This Is Our Faith !

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - THE VIRALS of the statement of the Istiqlal Mosque High Priest, Prof. Dr. KH. Nasaruddin Umar, about not the problem of the Christian Trinity dogma facing the concept of the One Godhead in the First Precept of Pancasila is very interesting to respond. At least, you can respond to the following points:

First, the problem of the Trinity cannot be juxtaposed with Tawheed. This is kita our aqeedah, Mr. Imam! Because in Islam the name of Allah is 99 not person, that is the name. Names are not Substances, but they are not separate from substances.

Even if it is the nature of 20 (in the Ash'ariyah aqeedah formulated by Imam al-Sanusi), for example, it is said to be the same as the number of God, this is also wrong. Because that is nature. And the nature of God is certainly not His substance. So, God is still One (Sunday), still one (Wahid). So, His name and nature are many. But the nature and nature are only for one God, namely Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala., Not for many Gods. Mr. Imam, this is our faith!

Until even Tuan stated that the Trinity could be explained by the concept of Ahadiyah-Wahidiyah Islamic Theosophy, it was still incorrect. Especially if Tuan Imam states that al-Asma ’al-Husna cannot be contrasted with the oneness of Allah. Certainly it can't, because the 99 beautiful, beautiful names of God are names, not substances. Different from the Trinity (Trinity): One in Three, Three in One. Because our brothers from Christians believe there is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Isn't Allah in the Qur'an stating that those who believe in the three Gods (Tsalits Tsalatsah) are infidels? (Qur'an 5: 73). Isn't that believing that the prophet ‘Isa as a god is also an infidel? (Qur'an 5: 72). The words of the Prophet ‘Isa," O Children of Israel, worship Allah my Rabb and your Rabb. Because whoever associates with Him, Allah forbids heaven for him and his place of residence is hell. "(Qur'an 5: 72).

Secondly, regarding Ahadiyah-Wahidiyah, we should pay attention to why Qs. Al-Ikhlas descends. The Meccan polytheists said to the Messenger of Allah, "O Muhammad, try to explain to us the letter of your Lord! So Allah revealed Qs. Al-Ikhlas that: Allah is Sunday. The place depends on everything. No child and not begotten. And there is nothing equal to Him. "

Imam Ibn Jarir and Imam al-Tirmidzi then explained the meaning of al-Shamad with: those who did not have children and were not begotten. Because nothing is born unless he dies. And nothing is dead except that it will pass on something. Whereas Allah Jalla Jalaluhu is not dead and does not inherit. "(See, Imam Ibn Kathir (700-774 H), Interpretation of the Qur'an al-'Azhim, Sami ibn Muhammad as-Salamah (al-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia: Dar Thibah, 1420 H / 1999 M), 8/518). Does Tuan Imam believe that Allah is "childless" and "begotten"? That is, Allah remains 'Wahid', there is no second, third God, and so on. Allah is also 'Sunday', because He is not composed of anything. And God who is 'Sunday' is 'Shamad'. And He is the one who "has no child and is not begotten" and there is no one who is equal to Him. Mr. Imam, this is our faith!

Third, Tuan Imam, about the Trinity. Even about this dogma, I understand that Christians are not one view to this day. Because Jesus did not teach it. Moreover, it is sought basically in the Bible, Jesus did not teach it. A.N. Wilson in his book Jesus: A Life (1992), p. Xvi stated,

 "The first-century Galilean holy man (Jesus) had a time of life that was believed to be the Second Person of the Trintiy."

In fact in the Bible Jesus instead said, "Hear O Israel: Lord our God, God is one" (Deuteronomy 6: 4). In Mark 12: 29 it is also mentioned, "Hear, O Israel: Lord our God, God is One." Even God in Isaiah 46: 9 says, "I am God and there is no other. I am God and there is no one like me. "

Makanya, Sejarawan Arthur Weigall in his book Paganism in Our Christianity said, "Jesus Christ is never mentioned a phenomenon, and nowhere in the New Testament dose does the word Trinity appear. The idea was only adopted by the Church three hundred years after the death of our Lord. "(More broadly, see Dr. Sanihu Munir, Dialogue Regarding the Trinity: Acting on the Origin of the Christian Godma Dogma (Surabaya: Dai Literature, 2001).

And it turns out, both Deuteronomy 6: 4, Mark 12: 29 and Isaiah 46: 9 are very in accordance with the word of God in Qs. 5:72. Is this a coincidence? Certainly not! Because the mission of the entire messenger of Allah (from the time of the prophet Adam to Rasulillah Salihahu ‘Alaihi wassallam) is the same: teaches Tawheed (in law).
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