The Enormity Of The First Hajj Call By Prophet Ibrahim

TIMES OF ISLAM, TANJUNG ENIM - Al-Hamdulillah, all praise belongs to Allah, Rabb of the universe. Prayers and greetings upon Rasulillah –allahu 'Alaihi Wasallam-, family and friends.

After the Prophet Ibrahim completed the construction of the Temple with the help of his son-Ishmael-, Allah commanded His khalil to call on people to come to His house to honor Him, worship, recite and thank Him in the Hajj.

Allah Sgantiahu wa Ta'ala says,

وأذن في الناس بالحج يأتوك رجالا وعلى كل ضامر يأتين من كل فج عميقليشهدوا منافع لهم ويذكروا اسم الله في أيام معلومات على ما رزقهم من بهيمة الأنعام

"And cried out to men to do the pilgrimage, surely they would come to you on foot, and ride thin camels that came from all directions far away, so that they would see various benefits for them and so that they would mention the name of Allah on the appointed day the sustenance that Allah has given them in the form of livestock. "(Surat al-Hajj: 27-28)

Imam Ibn Kathir Rahimahullah explained,

أي: ناد في الناس داعيا لهم إلى الحج إلى هذا البيت الذي أمرناك ببنائه

"That means: so people call on them to make the pilgrimage to this house that We have commanded you to build."

It was stated that Prophet Ibrahim said: "O my Lord, how can I convey that appeal to humans while my voice cannot reach them?" Allah Subahahu wa Ta'ala said, "Call upon you, and I will deliver it."

So Prophet Ibrahim stood in his office. In another opinion it is on a rock.

In the opinion of others on the Shafa hill. And according to the other opinion, that Ibrahim climbed the hill of Abu Qubais and exclaimed, "O people, in fact your god has made a house (baitullah), then worship (make pilgrimage) kelaiannya to him."

According to one opinion, after Prophet Ibrahim echoed the cry all the hills and mountains lowered themselves so that their voices reached the entire surface of the earth. Babies who are still in the womb and in the sulbus can hear the call. And everything that hears his voice answers it; both rocks, trees, and so on. also all those whom God had recorded were hearing that he would do the pilgrimage until the Day of Judgment. Their answer, "Labbaika Allahumma Labbaik (We fulfill Your call, O Allah. We fulfill the cry, O God").

"Thus the outline of what has been narrated from Ibn Abbas, Mujahid, Ikrimah, and Sa'id bin Jubair and besides those who are not only one of the Salaf scholars. Allah knows best "finished quoting from the interpretation of Ibni Kathir.

Ibn Abbas Radhiyallahu 'Anhu recounts, "After Ibrahim finished building the Ka'bah, he said: Call the people to carry out the Hajj!

Ibrahim answered: O my Lord, did my voice reach them?

Allah said: Call, and our obligation to convey - that call -.

Then Ibrahim exclaimed:

أيها الناس! كُتب عليكم الحج إلى البيت العتيق فحُجّوا

"O people, the Hajj is required to the Baitul‘ Atiq (baitullah) over you, then worship you. "

Ibn Abbas continued, "Anything that is between heaven and earth hears that cry, do you not see humans from all corners of the earth coming together ?!"

In another lafadz from Ibn Abbas' Allah be upon him, he said: Ibrahim stood on the rock and called,

يا أيها الناس كتب عليكم الحج في علم الله أنه يحج إلى يوم القيامة: لبيك اللهم لبيك

"O people, the pilgrimage is required of you. People who are still sulbi the men and in the womb of the women hear it. Then the believers answer it and those whom Allah has recorded will make pilgrimage until the Day of Judgment "Labbaika Allahuma Labbaika (We fulfill Your call, O Allah. We fulfill the cry, O Allah)." (Narrated by Al-Faqihi with isnad saheeh)

The glorification of the house of God in the form of Hajj and worship to Him will still be preserved by the muwahhidin of the descendants of Khalilurrahman ‘Alaihis Salam. This continues to this day; where we see millions of people filling the House and mash'am haram for Hajj.

The greeting of Abraham's noble appeal above will last until the end of time. Even when Prophet Isa aih Alaihis Salam later came down to kill the Dajjal he also carried out Hajj to Baitullah as a form of obedience to Allah and welcomed the call of Prophet Ibrahim ‘Alaihis Salam.

. . . Not a muslimpun unless he longs to see the Kaaba, berthawaf and pray at his side, perform Umrah and Hajj. . .

This extraordinary welcome throughout the ages for the Hajj is the blessing of the prayer of Prophet Ibrahim ‘Alaihis Salam which was offered when leaving his wife and child in the valley of Mecca on the orders of Allah.

رَبَّنَاإني أسكنت من ذريتي بواد غير ذي زرع عند بيتك المحرم ربنا ليقيموا الصلاة فاجعل أفئدة من الناس تهوي إليهم وارزقهم من الثمرات لعلهم يشكرون

 "O our Lord, in fact I have placed a portion of my descendants in a valley that has no plants near the house of You (the Temple) that is respected, our Lord (that is) so that they establish prayer, so make the hearts of some people tend to them and give them fruit from the fruit, hopefully they will be grateful. "(Surah Ibrahim: 37)

Not a muslimpun unless he longs to see the Kaaba, berthawaf and pray at his side, perform Umrah and Hajj. Muslims come to visit the glorious house of God from all corners of the earth and the country.

May Allah affirm us above the Dien Tawheed called by Prophet Ibrahim and recorded as a person who visits His glorious home. Wallahu Allam.
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