When The Study Of Sunnah Is Scarier Than Disobedience In Front Of The Eye

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - The news this week about the rejection of Ustadh Khalid Basalamah's presence in Surabaya. When moved to another place around Sidoarjo, it was rejected by a group of local organizations.

Very sad.

Suddenly I remembered my chat with the GoCar driver when going home to Balikpapan a few months ago. Online taxi driver who drove me from the West Balikpapan area to the airport.

"Can you ask questions, bro?" he asked, breaking my mellow who would split up again with the homeland.

"You can, sir."

"What mother of the Islamic school?"

I smile. The question to the points is typical of Balikpapan people who do not like to make small talk, like me.

"Don't be angry, ma'am. So the story is, I have teenagers, class 2 MTS, boys. He always prays at the mosque. Even Subuh must. He once oversleeped, and didn't go to the mosque. He sulked all day. I also rarely Seeing him hanging out with his friends like that, just at night at home, most watching TV or listening to the radio, I'm worried, "The driver continues the story.

"Where's the problem, sir?"

"I am afraid he will join the cult like the news on TV ..."

Ah! Got the point. The point is that the media in this country have succeeded in damaging the image that 'mosque children' are identical to the targets of radical Islam.

"I want my child to be like me first. No one is stubborn enough to know the meaning of life. Smoking, getting drunk, going out, normal, is also a young person!"
... The incident in Surabaya made my anger become amused. How can the study of sunnah be even more frightening when other programs that smell like immigrants in various baleho in Surabaya ...
Surprised? I'm not too surprised to hear curhatan the father. So remember the movie I watched hiding with my high school friends first. American Pie made in series. Even though it was packaged pop and wrapped in an American-free lifestyle, the film clearly illustrated the worries of anxious parents because their children were still virgins, even though they were already ahead of the Prom Night party. Even in one scene, it was described as one of the parents who provided pornographic videos to stimulate his son.
It's so disgraceful to live morally and 'normally'.
Right! Hmm? We have arrived at an age when the world began to reverse.
One of my cousins ​​who sat in the best public high school in Jombang, also had 'got' the same complaint. Her mother was interviewed by the homeroom teacher about my unusual cousin pants. Also regarding the rejection and critical attitude in school activities which he considered did not fit the sunnah.
All the homeroom teacher said about how 'different' my ABG cousin is with other teenagers who are alay-style teenagers.
The incident in Surabaya made my anger become amused. How can the study of sunnah be even more frightening when other programs that smell like sinners in various baleho in Surabaya. Sexy dancers at various night clubs, discussions of pluralism that are so close to Communism, outbound events wrapped in anti-AIDS and narcotics campaigns that so clearly support LGBT, and others.
In fact, the organization is calm. Disobedience feels more acceptable than da'wah studies which actually discuss more about moral issues.
How the world gets older, Islam becomes increasingly challenging. Strong bite with molars. Hold tight, even though the heat is like holding a coals of fire. Let it be foreign. Because there is always GOD.
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