Don't Be Muslims Who Eat Firewood

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - Seeing humans eat raw meat is certainly very disgusting. What if you see humans eating human flesh? It's more disgusting, of course. Moreover, if the carcass itself, ah is very scary. This is a term for gossiping Muslims.

Besides being fond of eating carcass meat, Muslims who have bad morals are those who like to eat firewood. Eat firewood?

A serious illness that threatens our lives is hasad. Hasad is sick with the heart, does not like the good that is in other Muslims, even this typical Muslim wants the good to evaporate from that person.

In every human being there is nothing lonely from being despicable. Then? It's just that there are people who can manage it well by holding it back, but there are those who can't contain it. Easy to break.

Therefore, we as people who believe in the Qur'an are instructed to continue to take refuge from malady and from malicious people. We take refuge from foul whispers.

If a disease has been lodged in the heart, from there a variety of evil and evil deeds are born. Defuse the senes.

Who will be harmed in this case? The person who loses the most on the nature of desires is the person who hasad itself. Both of him and his religion.

History has recorded the insubordination and hostility of the source is one; hasad.

We can see a figure who is famous in the world of darkness. Devil. He disobeyed God, because it was against the Prophet Adam. Why is he made of fire prostrating to Adam made of land (Al-A'raf 12).

From Adam AS, we can see the case of his son. Qabil killed Abel because he was against his brother who got a wife who had many advantages. More beautiful than him and his sacrifice was accepted while he wasn't.

From the time of Prophet Joseph. The jealousy of the actions of the brothers of the Prophet Yusuf AS to his younger brother. No other because of their passion for Prophet Yusuf. Moreover, Yusuf has many advantages, one of which is full of charm, one of them.

From the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The despised Jews of the Prophet Muhammad and the Arabs who received the ultimate glory of prophecy gave birth to many evil deeds.

The father of world liberal history, Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul did not miss. He who desires the glory of the Prophet Muhammad, made him a hypocritical kingpin with all his devious deeds.

Hasad will "loop". Repeatedly in such a way. Never be lonely from human life. It is true what the Prophet said.

"Beware of you from Hashad, because verbally consuming is good as fire consumes firewood or bushes (dried grass)". -This Hadith was issued by Imam Abu Dawud in "As-Sunan" (no. 4905)

The most effective cure is to return to God. Then remember death and hope for His glory and not make the world the main orientation.

Do not be sad if someone is against us. Because, those who are more noble than us are still someone who is despised by him.

Take refuge in God from people who are diligent in their desires. Then go on the path of goodness. In order to be easy to control yourself and not easy to be a Muslim fire that burns wood. Wallahua'lam
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