Peek At The Physical Form Of The Genie

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - Jinn was first created by God rather than the creation of humans. Jin was also told to worship God like a human being although in the end there were those who believed and some who disbelieved.

The Jinn has the physical form as, as in some theorems.

Jin has a heart, has eyes, has ears also has sound. His argument from the Qur'an is Al-A'raf verse 179.

"And verily We made it for (the contents of Hell) most of the jinn and humans, they have hearts, but they are not used to understand (the verses of Allah) and they have eyes (but) they are not used to see (signs of God's power) and they have ears (but) they are not used to hear (the verses of Allah). They are livestock, they are even more astray. They are negligent people. "

In the letter Allah SWT mentions the contents of hell are jinn and humans. Then God sympathizes with jinn and humans have hearts, have eyes, have ears. Their hearts are not used to reflect, the eyes are not used to see, and the ears are not used to hear the verses of God.

From there the genie is disifati like a human with a face, face. Although the shape is different from humans. Besides that, the Prophet SAW said, the genie has horns. The hadith of the Prophet Muhammad in Ibn Umar's history:

"Do not let you pray when the sun rises or when the sun sets. Because at that moment two demon horns appeared. "

The portrayal of having horns really does exist. There are some people who draw similar genies with two horns and the teeth are made sharp. Dental problems are not explained by Allah SWT at Al-A'raf.

In another history it is stated that "If the sun rises, leave the prayer until the sun's light. If the sun starts to sink leave the question until it completely sinks. You should not deliberately question when the sun rises and the sun sets. Because at that time two demon horns appeared. "

So when we pray Shuruq is not allowed right when the sun appears right. The ulama delivered the Shuruq prayer and waited 10 minutes because we should not pray when the sun rises.

Isn't there a hadith that reads, "Whoever prays to Shuruq perfectly then he sits in remembrance until the sun rises then he rises to pray two rak'ahs, he gets the reward as people get umrah."?

Correctly. But the technical implementation is not right at sunrise. Because Tirmidhi's hadith is connected with the hadith of Ibn Umar's history.

Why did the Messenger of Allah mention the prohibition? Because of the two horns. What we then understand is the physical form of a jinn that has two horns. Wallahua'lam.
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