Shaykh Asy-Sya'rawi : Pioneer Of The First Sharia Bank In Egypt Descended From Ali Bin Abi Thalib

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - One of the influential ulama in the 20th century was Sheikh Muhammad Mutawalli asy-Sya'rowi. The reach of the da'wah of the man born in the province of Ad-Daqahliyah, Egypt, covers a wide range of people.

The figure who memorized the Koran since the age of 11 was known as the popular in the Egyptian community. To the extent that his fellow colleagues call him imamud du'at (leader of the dai). The cleric who died in 1998 also had time to take part in the government. In one period since November 1976, he held the position of Egyptian minister of waqf. He is a diligent person.

This figure who is still descended from Caliph Ali bin Abi Talib took basic education in the al-Azhar madrasa, az-Zaqaziq City, until graduating in 1923. Asy-Sya’rowi young went on to madrasah tsanawiyah (junior high level) in the same place. Arabic language and literature are his favorite subjects. In fact, he was elected as chairman of the association of writers in the city where he studied. His interest in the world of literature made him good at delivering da'wah later on.

Once graduating from secondary education, Ash-Sya'rowi initially wanted to pursue the world of agriculture, rather than academics. This desire was apparently influenced by what he saw during his time in az-Zaqaziq. He is not alone in going through elementary school to high school in the city.

He often interacts with several of his siblings who work as farmers, as well as his own parents. However, his father and mother were less than pleased with their children to follow in their footsteps. At the instigation of both, Ash-Sya'rowi enrolled in the Department of Arabic at al-Azhar University, Cairo in 1937. He escaped with satisfying grades.

For three years Ashy Sya'rowi studied at the honorable campus. During his status as a student, he also participated in anti-colonial movements and political discussions. The context of the situation in Egypt in the 1930s was quite warm about national sovereignty towards Western interests, especially the United Kingdom. Until 1952, Egypt was a protection area under the United Kingdom.

Ash-Sya'rowi received a bachelor's degree from al-Azhar in 1941. After that, he studied for three years. Finally he was entitled to get a teaching permit certificate. As a teacher, Ash-Sya'rowi practiced his knowledge in three cities, Thanta, az-Zaqaziq and Alexandria. In 1950, he had the opportunity to move to Ummul Qura University, Mecca. Ten years he studied and taught sharia science there.

In 1960, the Tanta Azhary Institute named him director. Just one year of work, the Egyptian Government called him to serve as inspector in the field of increasing knowledge at the Ministry of Waqf. At that time, Egypt's bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia were deteriorating.

In 1963, Ash-Sya'rowi returned to the campus world by holding a director position at the office of the Chancellor of al-Azhar University, Sheikh Husein Ma'unun. His name began to be known as a reliable academic from al-Azhar. In this capacity, the campus sent him as an ambassador to Algeria.

Seven years, Sya'rowi lived in the country. When settling in Algeria, the Six Day War broke out between the Arab countries and Israel. Ash-Sya'rowi sharply criticized the defeat of the Arab military alliance. He considered Egypt must first clean its country from elements of communism and at the same time undergo Islamic practices in the government.

Upon returning to Egypt, the position of head of the office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs for Gharbiyah province awaited him. In the meantime, Egypt-Saudi Arabia's bilateral relations began to improve. As a result, Ash-Sya'rowi was allowed to return to teaching in the country of birth of the Prophet Muhammad. This time, King Abdul Aziz University is the place to take part. In 1972, he became a dean in one of the departments on the campus.

Four years later, the then prime minister of Egypt, Mamduh Salim, took his place to fill the post of minister of Waqf. This ministry also functions to maintain the continuity of al-Azhar University.

That way, it cannot be said that Sheikh Mutawalli ash-Sya'rowi left the academic world completely. He underwent this position until October 1978. One of the legacies of his work in government was the embryo of the founding of the first Islamic bank in Egypt in 1979, Faisal Islamic Bank. After becoming a minister, until 1981, Ash-Sya'rowi continued his work as a professor at King Abdul Aziz University.
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