Women Are Pearls

ISL4M.COM, TANJUNG ENIM - She was made from the rib of man, she was made from her head to top, she was made from her side to close to her, from her arm to be protected by him , Near his heart to be loved by him.

How does a man feel when surrounded by many women? If the question was presented to me, the expression "proud" seemed to represent my feelings. I am happy every day surrounded by beautiful women, too. And of course at that time I felt more like a 'prince'. Oops, don't be suspicious, because the beautiful women I mean are my wife and two children who are both 'coincidental' women. Insha Allah.

Not only that, before I got married, I was also more touched by women, namely mothers because since I was six years old I chose to join my mother when she divorced my father. An instinct of a child's closeness to his mother is not just because he has sucked hundreds of liters of his mother's milk, but also a spiritual bond that cannot be separated from the warmth that a mother always gives to her child.

Because of that, in my life I don't want to do something that could disappoint and hurt a woman. But the right and wise attitude must be given by a man considering the woman is made of bent ribs, which if there is a mistake on him, he must be careful to straighten it out. Too hard will break it, let it go wrong because it will stick to the bend. However, not a few men have to let women be disappointed in order to rectify that mistake, yet every man who does that is very confident that the disappointment is only for a moment because they will bear sweet fruit.

The woman is like a flower, which if rough in treating it will ruin its beauty, tarnish its perfection so that it makes it wilt without glow. It is like a piece of silk that is easily torn by the storm, oscillated by the wind and soaked even by a speck of water. Therefore, do not let her heart get hurt because of painful words because her heart is so soft, do not let her alone challenge life because in fact she is present from solitude by offering a quiet and serene peace. It is best not to make her cry by a disappointing attitude, because usually the tears still remain in the heart even though the water no longer moistens her eyelids.

The woman is a pearl. People need to dive deep into the bottom to get real beauty. Therefore, seeing without opening the veil of his heart is undoubtedly only a moment which is often able to trick the eye. People need to fight along the waves, hold back the flow and challenge all the dangers to reach it. And of course for that, people must have enough stock so that they are worthy and deserve to get that beautiful pearl.

Women are half of lost souls. Then one must look carefully, choose carefully, look carefully before making a soul mate. Because if it is wrong, it will not be a pair of souls that can produce love flowers, but a red dot sowing disputes. He will not be able to equate steps, always opposite so that it does not provide comfort and harmony. He could not be one heart even though all the power was mobilized to do it. And what is clear is that he cannot be a mirror of himself when he is off guard or late

Women have extraordinary powers that their opposite sex has never had better. Namely the power of love, empathy and loyalty. With his love he strengthens the steps of those who are with him, his empathy raises those who fall and his loyalty is timeless, not dissolved by change.

And women are the source of life. Who risked his life for a new life, which flowed from his chest the reviving milk. So that all of his sacrifices are worthy of placing him in the glory of heaven, as well as the glory of respect. It is no exaggeration if the Prophet becomes a woman (Fatima) as the first person to accompany him in heaven.

Fortunately, I am not a popular singer who makes women and love is limited to song lyrics to reap profits. So that what is seen in the eyes is only women as decorative flowers that can be thrown away when they are no longer pleasant. Incidentally I am also not a soap opera star who is often glorified by women. Because if I become them, surely my 'pride' surrounded by beautiful women can be different in meaning with my pride as a nobody.

The goodness of the women who approach and surround me is not those who are willing to be treated not like flowers, not as pearls and not as soft as silk. Not a woman who dumps herself in a puddle of opulence covered in luxury dthe demands of the times. Unlike a woman who is willing to be trampled on her honor, ignoring the cries of her own heart, or even her inner opposition. Also not a woman who killed her own conscience so that it did not make them women who deserved respect, even by their own fruit.

And of course, besides there are no such women who will approach a man who is nobody like me, I certainly will not feel at home for long, especially proud. Hopefully ...
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